Inspection Day Ch. 01


It was inspection day. Every Saturday was inspection day. The warm water cascaded down my back as I dragged the blade through the foam over my toned abdomen to remove the faint stubble that had formed in a happy trail. Jerome preferred me smooth save the hair on my head. The hair on my head must be kept short, tight on the sides with slight length at the top.

Jerome had particular tastes he had refined over the twenty some odd years we had been in th

inspection day

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Labor Day Cum & Play Ch. 03: Final

We strolled the dark soft sand hand in hand searching for the perfect spot. The setting couldn't have been more perfect for my first time. The only sound I could hear (other than my heart beating because of the bundle of nerves I was in) was the waves constantly crashing against the sand accompanied by the breathtaking smell of the ocean breeze. The sky was littered with a million stars and the full moon cast it's beaming shadow on the black water. It was a night I will never forget.

labor day cum & play final

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Labor Day Cum & Play

As boys, Ethan and I spent many nights at the other's house. His brother was a few years older than us, a football jock, and was popular with the girls at school. My sister was the same age as Ethan's brother, but was more concerned with her friends than after school activities. They were both part of the popular crowd and often hung out together after school, giving Ethan and I more time to spend together.

As we got older, and spent more time together we became close, of course,

labor day cum & play

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A Day at Home

**** Warning: this story contains explicit bisexual and sexually submissive content between consenting adults. If it turns you off please do not continue, but if it does - do enjoy! ***

I have the apartment all to myself today although it's a normal Wednesday. My wonderful wife is at work, and after my morning shower I allow myself to walk around all naked. I woke up thinking about sex but my wife had already slipped away. The warm shower heated me up even m

day home

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Independence Day

The fourth of July. It was cold, a late summer, and they said it would be a dry one. There had been snow late in winter. Not that the snow often sat around in the south of England. But Spring had been poor too, and today he wore a light overcoat.

Mike climbed up from Green Park station into a windy Piccadilly and sparse hurrying crowds, his coat tails flapping about his legs. It was Independence Day in America, he thought as he strode along. "Humph," Mike grunted as he always did

independence day

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Final Service of the Day

In the picturesque county of Worcestershire, we have some really quaint villages and country inns and it was in one of these that I met Billy: Billy is certainly a character, rather roguish at times, generous with has money but always a real gent, however deep down I got the impression that there was more to him than what he was prepared to reveal. It took several weeks and some pretty heavy hangovers to get him to open up about his beginnings, as an apprentice mechanic/chauffeur for a well k

final service the day

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All Souls' Day

Special thanks to my editor WickedWendyDru for all the hard work she's done for me these past several're one in a million, Your Wickedness!

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I had just gone on shift when word came through that major traumas were on the way. The ER braced for the seven car pile-up on the interstate caused by an overturned rig. Reports that were coming in stated t

all souls' day

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A Day with Daddy

A lazy Sunday afternoon of boredom and a constant burning horniness had finally caused me to seek an outlet. After a day full of emailing older men who I had found on the internet, I'd finally found one that didn't sound incredibly creepy and was into the kinds of things I wanted. I wanted an older man who liked young, boyish guys with smallish dicks, as I was only 23 and fit that description. He had to be dominant but not abusive. He had to be bigger than me, which isn't difficult considering I

day with daddy

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So, You Had a Bad Day

Come here, unbutton my shirt and run your hand down my belly and below my waistband. Feel that? It's all for you. Let it free; let it breath. There, ahhhh. Your warm hand feels so good wrapped around my cock. Feel it growing, getting longer and thicker? That's for you. That's because I love the way you look. What great shape you're in; the way you take care of your body; the movement of your body as you approach me. How you look at me when I enter the room. Ah, yes, I love the feel of your lips 

you had bad day

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Blackmailed Day 02

The next day I report to his house as I was ordered to do. I notice the other motorcycle in the driveway, which I saw when this whole thing began. I knock on the door, and my neighbor opens it. "Here's my little cock bitch. I was wondering if you were going to come over as I told you." he says guiding me inside.

He grabs my crotch through my shorts and squeezes. I let out a little moan, and he laughs. I hear someone else in the next room. My neighbor says to me, "Come meet my frie

blackmailed day

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