Dave and Leroy Ch. 08

As I wrote in a comments section of Chapter 7, I wrote Chapter 8 in around four hours on Thursday. This was sparked by how the last chaptered ended and it took this story in a direction that I never had thought of before. This chapter was supposed to deal with Sue and Leroy, but now that will be a later chapter. Of course things are unrealistic but this is fiction so you can do anything right. :) 

FYI - This is a shorter chapter.


dave and leroy

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What Dave and I Did Last Night

I was horney as hell and so I posted an online ad hoping to find someone who wanted to take turns sucking each other off. I'm very much bi – I have a girl I see from to time but I do like to get my cock sucked just the way I want without having to be extra charming, wait for my birthday or having to negotiate for it. In fact, I love it so much that I love to do the same to whoever will do it for me. However, other than that, I don't have a lot to offer what a lot of guys want. I'm not into kissi

what dave and did last night

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