Blindfolded for a Blind Date Ch. 02

He pulled me to my feet and led me across the room.

I felt my right shin bang into something firm yet soft, when he pushed me down, I realised I was on the couch. I sank into cool soft leather. His hand went to my arm pits and positioned me so that my head was resting over the arm of the couch. My legs were drawn up with knees bent and spread.

I then smelt his muskiness again and felt a slight tickling sensation around my nostrils and then his balls pressing onto my

blindfolded for blind date

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My Lost Date

Thanks to LadyPineRose74 for the fantastic editing!


I was supposed to go out with my man-friend, after work, the other day. I was hopeful that he was going to take me out to this amazing Mexican place that he talked a lot about. I rushed home, jumped in the shower, and was ready in twenty minutes. I wore this super short, black skirt, a tight white shirt, and my red, fuck me shoes, with 4 inch heels.

He called, as I was dressing and asked me

lost date

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Not a Date Ch. 04

This story starts right where Not A Date chapter 3 ends. You may want to read NAD 1, 2, and 3, first. Alternatively, this can read as a standalone story.


POV - Ryan

I woke up before Jake. It was amazing how child-like he looked when sleeping. I stared at him, and my heart lurched. Last night had been magnificent. More than magnificent, earth-tilting.

But truthfully, this morning, I didn't know how to take it. Switching rol

not date

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Three on a Date

I gingerly pulled Fraser's arm from across my chest and slowly moved my hips forward to pull my channel off his now-flaccid cock. There was nothing wrong with the length of him—that was his most notable feature for someone looking for sex from another man. He could remain deep inside me flaccid after a side-splitting fuck like we had just had. He was the only man I'd had who could reach deep inside me in a side split.

There wasn't much wrong with his looks and body, either, when h

three date

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Date Night

The streets of Vancouver were wet as usual and I huddled under the shop overhangs picking my way from one awning to the next and squeezing myself to the brick buildings to avoid the wind. I hated this time of year. Endless rain and I didn't get to see the sun for three months! I had just finished work and was making my way to the local coffee shop for some warmth.

Starbucks came into view and I made my away across the street quickly jumping over growing puddles covered with thin f

date night

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Date Night Ch. 02

"You can't be fucking serious!"

"Oh I can be, baby, and I am." He said plainly.

"Stephen! I can't wear this shit outside! It's one thing when you and I are playing around in the house, but not out there. What if someone sees me?"

"Who's going to recognize you in that? No one. Besides we agreed."

"No we didn't agree! You made up the rules and then said we didn't have a choice in following them. That's not an agreement! Besides, when is i

date night

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The Blind Date

"Whoa, is that a photo you're shredding on your dart board?"

"Yeah, what's it to you?" Lionel Nicks walked over to the board, took the five darts out, and went back to the other side of the bar in his apartment.

"Peace, big guy. I was just asking." Andre Sanders took a closer look at the photo. "Say, isn't that Devin? Your Devin? You guys no longer a couple?" He didn't bother not sounding hopeful.

"Devin, dear Devin, decided we should cool it. Should

the blind date

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