Leon Lust aka the Dancer

"Hey, Leon," My manager, Brian, called over the bar, "the guy at table seven has been eye fucking you all night. Tell him to pay up or get out." 

I glared at him. He knew my shift was just about over. But Brian just flashed his killer smile and winked me away, going back to serving whiskey to an older gentleman.

With a sigh, I started walking toward table seven. It was past twelve in the morning, which is when they usually start playing romantic/power ballads. Thre

leon lust aka the dancer

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The Dancer

"Baby, Janice invited me to an all male review on Saturday. I originally told her okay because I knew you wouldn't mind. She bought two tickets but now she can't go because Jerry is recovering from his knee surgery. I don't want to go alone and everyone is busy. Why don't you come? I promise I will make it worth your while. Besides you might learn some new moves," my sexy wife Karen teased.

She had invited me to go as a joke but I have always been comfortable with my sexuality and

the dancer

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