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Helpful sons & wife help father find new social contacts.


On the morning of my 30th birthday, I ran through the hospital doors to the desk, found out Dad's room number, and rushed to him. He was sitting up in the bed, not looking too much the worse for wear, actually.

I peppered him with worried questions, but he tut-tutted the whole thing. "Just bad stomach. Something I ate."

But after a few minutes, the doctor beckoned me int

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Dad and Uncle Chad

On that summer afternoon back in the late 70's I was supposed to be out in the western part of the state checking out the college that I would be attending in a few short weeks, but instead of spending the day around the campus and staying over to check out the night life in the little city that had a reputation of being quite a party town, I ended up coming home.

I thought from the start it might be a mistake to bring along my friend Alan but he had insisted so I let him drive me

dad and uncle chad

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Nosy Dad Ch. 02

Thank you all for your kind words and support, and sorry it took so long for a part two. I hope you like it and hopefully there's a part 3 to come. All the characters are over the age of 18.


My thoughts are soon interrupted by the sound of my door being opened and closed. I tilted my head to see Colby standing, still naked and hard with the same evil grin he gave Harper.

"You watched your son get fucked, now it's your turn Mr. Chase."

nosy dad

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Nosy Dad Ch. 01

The following story is a work of fiction and all characters featured are over the age of 18.


No matter how many nights I do it, I've never gotten use to sleeping alone. Lonely nights feel even more so in a king sized bed; room for two occupied by one. I look to my reflection on my closet mirror. I even look pathetic to myself. My chest has grown a thick mat of black fur, untrimmed, trailing down my torso, leading to the dark black bush above my penis. I

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Just Like My Dad Pt. 01

I met my friend Ivan because I bought my car from him.

I liked him because he was so unlike the younger, cockier salesmen I'd encountered in all the other dealerships. I'd been trawling showrooms most of the weekend and had long since grown bored of being pestered by smarmy wide-boys in flashy tailored suits reeking of the latest after-shave.

From the outset, Ivan seemed far more authentic and I got the feeling there was a good deal more to him than he would ordinar

just like dad

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