Caribbean Cruise Ch. 02: Chet Gets Laid

At first Chet thought the older man staring at him from across the bar at the top of the cruise ship was Jamaican. The man engaged his attention because he had the most compelling light-gray eyes, which went really well with his silver-gray hair and the black suit with black silky shirt and black tie with a hash pattern of silver strands. But the thought that the man was black was partially because the man had been in the shadows. When he came over and sat next to Chet, the college student could

caribbean cruise chet gets laid

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Cruise Ship Fun Ch. 02

Author's note: Part 1 gives a lot of build-up and much needed back-story to this cruise ship adventure. We pick up here after Tanner and Claire agree to let the other couple dominate them. Tanner explores his bi side and overcomes his prejudices while his girlfriend finally takes her hot new body for a test drive. This story has roughly equal parts MM and MF.


"We're going to need more cock for these two," Sharice said. "They deserve it."

cruise ship fun

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