Legend of Cowboy

All sorts of expatriate "characters" gravitated to Bangkok, Thailand, in the seventies and eighties, and none were more colorful than the man known simply as Cowboy. Cowboy was a six-and-a-half foot black American stud, who was said to have been a pro basketball player of some note who had retreated to Bangkok in the face of possible charges for point shaving and racketeering. In Bangkok, Cowboy had built a small empire of girlie bars in the Phatpong tenderloin district, the most notable one of 

legend cowboy

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B-6 Cowboy Special

My eyes just about rolled up into my head when I came on duty and Leon handed me a ticket for a B-6 Cowboy Special.

"I might have to take something to reload this fast unless they're all content with a mouth job, Leon," I said as I stripped and started to pour myself into the cowboy costume.

"Naw, that's why I saved that ticket for you," Leon said with a short little laugh. "You've got the reputation for keepin' it hard the longest of any we've got on the rolls. It'

b-6 cowboy special

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