Encounter with Black Couple Ch. 03

To understand how we got to this point please read Part One.

Paul and Janet will tell their experiences, as the story progresses.

We lay in bed discussing our night of hot sex with our new found, hot black couple.

"Honey, he got me off twice and he hasn't had that big black cock in my pussy yet. I hope I can handle that thing. I have to have it, baby, I just have to."

"Looks like you are becoming a slut fo

encounter with black couple

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A Couple of Surprises

When I started Dating way back in the sixties I did not always have a car at my disposal. On days like that my girlfriend and I would walk from her house up town to a movie and then back to her place after the show. We would neck in the theater and if the weather was nice sometimes in a secluded spot on the way home but that was about it for my sex life with her. At that time although I had had some experiences with men sucking each other I didn't know anyone who ever admitted being gay and had 

couple surprises

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