Straight Cop Loses Control

Straight Cop Loses Control

Gulf Coast Trooper craves the bottomI was a little dizzy as I pushed back his foreskin with my tongue and lips, and his cockhead slipped across my tongue and deep into my mouth. Musky taste. Male. Oh, it was so fine to take him into my mouth, to suck that dick.

Big cockhead. Wide flare. Reminded me of a guy I sucked a few weeks back. His cockhead was so broad, he had me screaming when he punched in, and the sadist

straight cop loses control

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Robber Tames Cop in his Continental

And his wife and son

I breathed on my new chromed nametag and polished it on my sleeve. I had been promoted: Sergeant Lincoln Lovel. I attached it to my blue uniform shirt, checked myself out one more time in the mirror, and walked outside to the police car in my driveway. Life is good. My utility belt gleamed, newly polished; my buttons all glittered; even my service pistol shone like it was gold-plated. And I had sergeant's stripes on my sleeves!


robber tames cop his continental

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My Neighbor the Cop

My neighbor across the street asked me to help him move some dirt to his backyard, which he had delivered and dumped in his driveway. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and, being the good neighbor, I walked across the street to tell him that I would give him a hand. My wife was going out of town to her cousin's house to spend the night and do some shopping. I thought I would have the weekend to myself to watch porn and jackoff, but I still had plenty of time for that. 

My neighbor w

neighbor the cop

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Snaring an Arab Cop

This is a true story, as told to me by a friend.

I'm a New York cab driver. Yeah, yeah, I know. But it's a living. Yeah, I've been held up. Twice. But life goes on, right?

Boring. Or at least until that fare opened the door and climbed into my cab.

Brown skin, black hair. Hispanic, right? In New York, probably Puerto Rican. But his eyes. God! Blue, astonishing blue. Made me think of a raging river. Deep blue. Dark. Dangerous blue. His mama must have

snaring arab cop

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South Beach Cop

I sat naked on the bed and watched as my beautiful naked wife took the cop's uniform off revealing his taught muscular body and his enormous semi hard cock.

Janice and I were on vacation in southern Florida and we had gotten carried away on the second floor balcony of our hotel. It was a warm night and we had been sitting outside in our bathing suits looking out at the empty beach. We had both been drinking and we started kissing in the moonlight. On thing led to another and soon

south beach cop

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Once Upon A Time I Was A COP

Several years ago I was a COP, a policeman in a city of about 250,000 in North Carolina. The DWI Checkpoints and enforcement had just started to gain popularity. One part of that program was to assign officers to work the streets on DWI Patrol, rather than checkpoints. We were assigned to different sections of the city or to watch a particular bar or nightclub. The duty hours were usually from about 8PM to 4AM. Very seldom was there any DWI activity before midnight, so the early hours of the shi

once upon time was cop

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