Dream Come True

I walked into the bar and surveyed the scene. At first, it was just the usual crowd. A few older guys sitting in a booth with some wine. A few young twinks obviously trying to pick up some sugar daddies. A few people were dancing. A few people doing shots. And then I saw him. The shock of it sent shivers down my spine and gave me an instant hard on. Trent. I couldn't believe he was here. He was the last guy in the world I ever expected to find in a gay bar on a Friday night. But he was here, sta

dream come true

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My Oral Desires Finally Come True

There had been a few responses to my ad before D's, but there was something about each -- something impersonal and a bit too eager -- that had made me wary about responding to any of them.

And then came D's reply. There was something trustworthy in his tone. Patient. Not trying to rush things, but from the start, determined to be sure that I was myself comfortable following through with what I had proposed.

What I had proposed was the culmination of 23 years nurturi

oral desires finally come true

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