Hot Times in a Cold Cabin

Jim and his wife, Bonnie invited my wife and me to their cabin for the weekend and we all were looking forward to getting away from the daily drudge for a while. Both the wives had to work Friday but we men were off, so the plan was for Jim and I to go up Friday and then Bonnie and Donna would come up together late Friday night.

I was stunned by the beauty that surrounded the cabin, nestled in a tree-filled glen high in the mountains and everything covered in snow. We quickly got

hot times cold cabin

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Cold Stone Tomb

I was fighting to come up from a great depth, swimming hard against the current, trying to force my eyes open.

"I want to live," I moaned, although whether internally, to myself only, or out loud, I did not know. "But I want this too. Deeper, thicker. Stretch me, possess me. Wrap your dick around my heart and squeeze me. Harder, deeper. Moooaaan. I want to melt into you, ride your dick forever."

I fought up into consciousness. Belly against the cold stone of the mos

cold stone tomb

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A Boy Who Came In from the Cold Ch. 12



© Sadie Rose Bermingham 2006

Apologies for the delay to Chapter 12. I've been swanning around Europe and London enjoying myself so things have gotten a little behind. Which, by happy coincedence, is exactly what Aldo and Barclay hope to get themselves at the end of this chapter! As usual, the author reserves the right to stomp all over the heads of anyone who pilfers this material withou

boy who came from the cold

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Baby, It's Cold Outside

1974 was Rick's first Christmas away from home, and he was feeling a bit down. He'd stayed home, in Baltimore, Maryland, for his first year in college, but his mother hadn't been able to hack the expenses of even a junior college, although she could afford to go gambling in Las Vegas for Christmas this year, and reality set in that he needed more money to get through college than he now had access to. Reality also was that he'd have to earn the money on his own. If he had a dad, although, of cou

it's cold outside

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