Coach's Decision

An 18 year old young man's first true love...


The only sound in the nearly deserted locker room came from the spray of the shower splattering on the tile after hitting the body of Ken Lanza, who up until last week was captain of the school soccer team.

Now a graduate, he was enjoying what was likely the last shower he would ever take in that locker room, and while he might have had some pangs of nostalgia over the passing of time, that wasn't what w

coach's decision

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Becoming Coach's Slut

The alarm on my phone rang; it was time to wake up. But today was a good day, it was my birthday, my 18th birthday. I was a senior at my local high school where I was captain of the wrestling team and every day I woke up at 4:30am to workout with my wrestling coach. I began to dress my young athletic body. I was 5'10" and a cut 155 pounds with almost no body fat from my diets for wrestling. I have shaggy light brown hair and green eyes. 

We liked to get an early morning workout in

becoming coach's slut

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