What Happens After Class

It was such a muggy classroom. It was humid and it was sticky in a heat wave in the middle of March. Logan was tired and hungover from the kegger the night before and all he could think about was getting back to his dorm room and sleep. He looked around at his fellow freshmen in the 9am economics class. There were quite a few of his buddies and a few disheveled looking girls who also were feeling the effects of last night's party.

The bell rang and Logan quickly stuffed his laptop

what happens after class

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A Model for the Life Class Ch. 04

I could hardly walk as I made my way down the corridor and back to the life class. My legs, back, anus and balls all ached like mad and I was sure I'd be black and blue when I checked the mirror later. I tried to slide in quietly and without attracting attention to my return but Steve, who had been drawing next to me, saw me and let out a yell.

"Hi mate. Glad your'e back. Where the hell did you get to?" he said.

Heads turned and I did a loud "Shhh," before someone e

model for the life class

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A Model for the Life Class Ch. 02

Please get back to me with your comments or score. I'm not sure if I'm improving so feedback would be great. Hope you enjoy this effort.


After the excitement of the subway I finally made my way to the flat I was renting for the next three months. I had hoped for a longer let but property was hard to come by and I was lucky to get this room in a three person share. Mum and dad had helped me move in some larger items and my big bro was coming down with th

model for the life class

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Class 5t

I see him across the room on this, the first day of college. Black hair, messy, slight bruise to his cheek (knees scuffed, too: he'd fallen over, I guess); a click with his tongue when he's distracted; mark on his bottom lip from biting it; stubble; large hands. He doesn't look like he especially knows anyone and I certainly don't recognize him from school or around here. He is vaguely paying attention to the guy, a new headteacher, introducing us to the wonderful world of college, but only vagu


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