Chocolate Fondue

Rupesh tore the shirt open with the hunger of a child on Christmas morning. Chocolate fondue! Rich, smooth and dark, glistening with a light perspiration, skin pouring forth from the opening he'd made. Not an ounce of fat to spoil his lean holiday treat.

The decorative party ribbons that bound Ahmad's hands behind the chair forced the prisoner's succulent flesh to thrust forward as though welcoming the intrusion. The lust in Rupesh's eyes could barely be concealed in the dim candl

chocolate fondue

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Licorice-Centered Milk Chocolate

Heart racing, moaning, shimmering with anticipation, as milk chocolate, beefy-fingered hands glide over creamy white skin. Trembling as they search for and explore curves and crevices, zeroing in on heaving breasts. Groaning as rough-padded fingers rub, and twitch, and pinch tender nipples. Arching chest up from bed before the hovering milk chocolate monolith, rising to the inevitable. Crying out as full lips find nipples and mouth opens around aureoles, closes tight, and gives suck. Melting at 

licorice-centered milk chocolate

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