The Brownstone: Charles Ch. 01

(Author's note: This is the third installment in the The Brownstone series. The first two installments are The Brownstone: Michael Ch01 and The Brownstone: Michael Ch02. I hope you are enjoying the series!) 


I woke up to sounds coming from downstairs. Michael was stretched out across me, his head planted firmly on my chest. I didn't want to wake him, but I could tell from the enticing smells wafting into our room that dinner was ne

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The Brownstone: Charles Ch. 02

At exactly 4pm I opened the door that led into the address on the ruler. A man greeted me at the door called me by name and ushered me inside. I had expected to enter into a foyer. I think I had imagined a dimly lit hallway that led to an apartment that Mr. George kept for clandestine meetings like this. Instead I found myself in a grandly appointed lobby that screamed of times gone by. 

"I am Dolan and you will address me as such, not Mr. Dolan, not Sir, just Dolan." He said. I s

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Mister Charles

The summer of 1976 was especially hot. It was late August and I was studying in the library at college but found it impossible to concentrate. Every time I looked out of the window I could see carefree people in the quad, laughing, enjoying life, making the most of the wonderful, warm weather. I felt left behind, stuck in this mausoleum reading but not taking anything in. I was feeling restless and thoughts of sexual activities were assaulting my brain.

It made me question the cho

mister charles

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