The Warden and his Captive

{Disclaimer: this story contains a transitioned ftm - female-to-male gay character. However, it's not classified under "Transsexuals and Crossdressers", 

as the author sees this as a gay erotica story regardless. If this does not suit your tastes, please do not read further. If you -do-, enjoy yourself! ] (

He had been waiting there all night.

The ice in his glass of rum and coke was mere slivers, the condensation along the

the warden and his captive

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Cairo Captive

He had his dick inside me a half hour after we'd met. Jorgen was that good, he was. It also was like I was fucking myself. Almost a mirror image, which was no less surprising because he was Scandinavian and I'm an American—never knowing before then that my ancestry might have been Scandinavian too.

Granted I'd entered the beach bar in Brindisi, Italy, to get pretty much what I got. But I had no idea it would happen so fast—or that it would lead to what it did.

I had

cairo captive

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The Captive Flame

Derek leaned against the metal railing as his grey eyes passed over the crowded cafeteria. With the entire population wearing the same uniform he had to focus on faces in order to differentiate each inmate. 

His gaze paused once it reached a particular table, and a small smile tilted his lips. It was the color of his hair that made him easy to spot. It looked like strands of wheat atop his beautiful head.

For several minutes he watched him covertly from where he st

the captive flame

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