How Can It Feel This Good? Ch. 02

Dave woke slowly, his head feeling like it was being repetitively struck with a sledgehammer in time with his pulse. He licked his lips, trying to make his mouth at least a little less like the Sahara desert. Trying to gather his bearings, he realised he was naked and on the couch, and his arse was a bit sore. At least I took a shit last night, he thought, so I won't have to do a grog bog this morning. He couldn't remember why he was naked. He couldn't remember nearly anything about the previous

how can feel this good?

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Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. 03

Friday March 27th 

A couple of weeks had passed since the Joe incident. Things had changed even if I didn't want to confess it for myself. I had watched gay porn this week. I had never done that before. I had thought about Joe and got aroused, switched on my computer and watched gay porn, but only one time!

After I had watched gay porn I felt so ashamed. Why does a completely straight guy look at gay porn? I tried to con

can straight boy turned

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