A California Surprise Encounter


It was the summer of 1971 and I had just arrived in Beverly Hills for a week long management seminar. The seminar began on Monday morning but I had decided to fly in on Saturday and look up an old friend and colleague. I was staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton which is where the seminar was being held. The seminar ran through Friday noon and I booked my flight to return home on that Saturday. I hated flying on Friday afternoons and with the three hour time differ

california surprise encounter

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California Dreamin'

Silver Lake

I spent the last 6 hours drawing up my design project for my fourth year term assignment and I was getting a little bleary eyed to tell the truth. I needed a break so I thought I would hit the gay bar, La Barcito, as it was pedaling distance from my Bubeschko Apartment, which I loved because the Rudolph Schindler design from the late '30s provided me with a constant incentive to pursue my architectural studies. La Barcto, a Latino establishment, features a drag review

california dreamin'

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