You May Be Taller, But I'm Still Top

Oh my god, I haven't posted anything in ages. Sorry! The editor for Keith Ch. 02 didn't get back to me and I haven't been checking my mail so I don't know if they have yet at all, so if they haven't I might just post it unedited... but here. (: This one isn't edited either, m'fraid! D: Enjoy anyway. 


Syro bit hard into the strap of leather that bound his mouth as the whip came down on his bare thigh with a resonating crack.

'Jesus fucking Chr

you may but i'm still top

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Different Cultures, But Still Human

Chapter 1

Darkness covered the land like a blanket. Joshua sat huddled in his blanket just watching the fire as the logs crackled and shot lights into the sky. It wasn't a cold night, but he shivered all the same. He heard a soft noise to his left, almost like someone trying not to make any noise but still making some. He stood quickly dropping the blanket and quickly pulling his gun from the holster. "Show yourself." He growled into the darkness trying to see through the densenes

different but still human

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