Stroking on a Bus

I am a bit past 65 but still very active sexually. I have been seeing a 45-year-old girl for a while now and recently had an opportunity to play with a 22-year-old college student. But, this is not what I want to tell you about.

I was on a bus tour to Niagara Falls last week with 16 others ranging from eleven years old to my age. The eleven-year-old was a granddaughter of one of the tourists. I sat in the last row of the bus beside a guy named Roger who was 37 years old and recupe

stroking bus

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Cross Country Bus Trip Pt. 03

I awoke to Kyle climbing on top of me. He was still nude and so was I. Immediately upon waking up, I could feel how sore my ass was. My boy had fucked me last night good and I could feel it. He was stroking both of our dicks in unison and really thrusting his body into it.

"No sense in wasting morning wood, right?"

I couldn't disagree. I layed there enjoying the view as he ground his cock into mine. He slapped them together and he swung them into one another. It lo

cross country bus trip

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