Back To Your Nap Buddy

This is an update on "We Met In Kindergarten." WMIK ended as Jeffrey was about to marry someone else. Inspired by Troye Sivan's beautiful but haunting video, I thought the nap buddies should wind up together. They had loved each other for too long to wind up with others.


Part One

My mom walked me to my first day of kindergarten at Powell Gardens Elementary and introduced me to Mrs. Joyce, the teacher. Hair piled high on her head in a tigh

back your nap buddy

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Golf and Suck Buddy

I was cruising an internet gay site, when I came across a profile of a married older man that was looking for some discreet sex. He was also looking for a golf partner. This was an interesting way to meet and play! At least it would make for interesting side bets! I e-mailed him to meet me at a local golf course that usually didn't have a lot of morning golfers. We were to meet around 9:30 a.m. and we could "play". I said to meet me at the practice green and we would play 9 holes.

golf and suck buddy

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My Buddy and Me Ch. 04

So Sue wanted Charles and I to put on a show did she? The three of us laughed as Charles and I climbed back into bed, while Sue got comfortable in a chair. Closing in on Charles, I kissed him tenderly on the lips, still smelling the love juice on his mustache of our recent love fest. Wrapping his legs around me we fell into a mass of a man-to-man make out session. Rolling in bed we switched top to bottom, enjoying the feel of our cocks battling for superiority. Feeling our cocks as they touched 

buddy and

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Jake Finds a Shower Buddy

I stayed after school to work out in the weight room as I did several times a week. I like to keep fit even though I am not on any of the organized teams. I'm a senior now, 18 years old, and we were just starting the Christmas break. The school was pretty much deserted since most of the kids lit out like jackrabbits as soon as the final bell rang. It was nice to have the weight room to myself for a change instead of waiting in line for the various pieces of equipment. I was working on the bench 

jake finds shower buddy

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Hey, Good Buddy

The two had fought each other to exhaustion, each one trying to master the other, until finally they rolled away from each other in the bed of ferns. Joe was the first one to laugh.

"Yeah, but who woulda' known?" Al muttered. "You're such a cute little guy, and you've been eyeing me. I know you have."

"That's because you're such a big hunk—a real bear," Joe answered. "I can admire good muscle definition as well as the next guy." They were both laying on their backs,

good buddy

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