Jerking Buddies

AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: All participants depicted were over 18 at the time of the story.


My hands tapped anxiously on the steering wheel as I pulled off the interstate. I had met Ryan through a masturbating site a few days earlier. I had originally hoped to find a girl to hook up with (or at least fool around with), but alas, it was almost entirely guys on there. Luckily, Ryan and I had come across each other and both talked about how we hadn't been laid in mo

jerking buddies

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Jerk Off Buddies

This is an email I sent to a friend who was curious about what I used to do with a jerk off buddy. She had already had one story from me. This is the next story I sent her...

I told you about the guy that I used to jerk off with from time to time. It started off somewhat by accident as we would trade porn back and forth. After a while we stopped trading and would watch them together. The first time we jerked off together was kind of awkward as neither of us had ever done that befo

jerk off buddies

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Sex Buddies Ch. 02

This is another real story about another one of my sex buddy, and to protect his privacy and confidentiality, I shall call him Joel for the purpose of this story. Please forgive my poor command in English! Let me know what you think.


Chapter 2: Joel


It was about a year ago when I received this typical and ordinary e-mail, from an unknown sender that introduced himself as Joel. Initially, I was curi

sex buddies

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Best Buddies

It started out casually. I think. It seemed that way for a while, at least; just something we did for fun, something that didn't mean anything, a goof, a lark. A secret for sure but that was nothing different for us, we'd always been close, always told each other things we wouldn't tell anybody else. 

We were best friends. Still are. Have been since junior high. Back then I was pretty much a geek and he was popular but he thought I was funny and I thought he was cool and we wound

best buddies

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Bunk Buddies

My fuck-buddy Rob has always been fascinated to hear about my time in prison. I told him early on in our hook-ups that life inside hadn't actually been that interesting – that it was mostly mind-splittingly dull and that the sex, such as it was, was brief and infrequent – but he keeps asking about it as if he thinks I'm holding back on telling him all the juicy bits.

"There must have been more to it than that, Edward," he'd insisted one of the first times we met up.

bunk buddies

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