The Broken One Pt. 01

It had begun like any other Sunday morning for the past month. A splitting headache from drinking way too much the night before. This body pain had become my weekend alarm clock. I was meant to be feeling better than this today. According to the cleaning roster on the flat fridge it was my turn to do the washing up. Problem was no one else had done their turn on the roster the past two weeks. I had two flatmates. Rhonda, the baby of the flat. She was just 19 and was still adjusting to life away 

the broken one

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Broken Halo

Sylvester had already expected to see his young neighbor arriving in the late afternoon. This would be the fifth time in the past ten days that twenty-five-year-old Alex had decided to pay him a visit. Sylvester would always be in the garage whenever Alex showed up and said hello. The thirty-three-year-old African-American man would depend on his home gym to reinvigorate his wellbeing. This time, he used his dumbbells to keep his arms as potent as possible. Once he saw Alex on the driveway, Sylv

broken halo

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Broken In Ch. 02

Jarred is on his way to the audition, jarred for sure, traumatized from the way Darnell had handled him and soaked the young white stud in his Nubian essence. When he starts to feel angry and used he realizes that it was his idea and that he, much to his chagrin, got off hard at the twisted scene.

Mess with the bull and you get the horns, and oh did Jarred get the horn. He got up close and personal with at coal black ten inch beer can thick horn, and while his ego was the only thi


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