Brazil Porno Theater Jacking

A few years ago I had an opportunity to fly to Brazil for work. Once I landed (in a southern town), I had to rent a hotel room in a pretty shady part of town since the conference I was attending had filled up all the good hotels. On my way to and from the conference location every day, I had to walk by an adult theater. One of the conference days, I had a little extra time to kill, so I decided against my better judgement that I ought to go in and watch a movie. 

Once inside I was

brazil porno theater jacking

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Dominated in Brazil Ch. 01

Last year I took a trip with my girlfriend Jenny to Brazil. Yeah I know...when you go to Brazil you shouldn't go with your girlfriend, what's the point? Rio is full of hot, sexy beach girls who'll fuck your brains out. But we were hot for each other and figured we'd go there, hang out, stay on the beach, and basically fuck 24/7, or "expand our erotic life." My girlfriend's freaky and experimental so I figured we might even go for a threesome. These things were true...I just didn't see how our "e

dominated brazil

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