Daddy's Boy Ch. 01

I had just started my first year of college and was living away from my family for the first time. The deal with my parents was that I could go to an interstate college on the condition that I got a part time job that could cover my rent and my living expenses. I found myself a great little studio apartment a short bus ride from campus and a job waiting tables at a restaurant within walking distance of home. It was my first time living in a big city and it was great. College during the day, work

daddy's boy

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Marine Boy Ch. 01

I'm 5" 8', 190 pounds, and a toned slim fit body that I've had girls and guys running after me in high school and now in college. I live in a off campus studio apartment since my family is a well-to-do family. I'm going threw school with my trust fund that my dad sat up for me when I was born. My dad wasn't a wealthy guy, but since he sat up a trust fund for me and my sister when we were first born. He was a marine, businessman, and family man until he died of a heart attack six months ago. I lo

marine boy

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Boss's Older Boy Toy

I had just returned to the office from my workout I usually did on my Friday lunch hour, when I was called and told to report to Mr. Kohn's office up on the Penthouse floor. 

My heart hammered in my chest, and I had a cold knot in my stomach. This couldn't be good news. It was Friday, the company had been laying off staff, and I was older. I hadn't even seen Mr. Kohn in over a year, had never had any business contact with him, and now his executive secretary Phyllis was on the pho

boss's older boy toy

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The Boy At My Door...

I had turned off all the lights in my apartment except for a few dim night lights and had turned the heat up to 95 degrees. It was uncomfortably hot inside, and I was coated in sweat and was very aroused, thinking about what might happen tonight. Standing nude in my living room I heard two soft knocks on my door. I walked to the entrance of my apartment and quietly knocked back once, then peered through the peephole and saw the surprisingly small eighteen year old boy standing wearily outside. I

the boy

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Toy Boy Ch. 01

The water was invitingly warm. It splashed generously across my naked body from up above. There were six showers in the white tiled shower room, and I had turned on all the taps. The air was filled with the steam from the warmth. The white tiled floor glistened, and the soft lights in the ceiling gave the room a cool modern look.

I shampooed and washed myself thoroughly. It had been a good work-out, and I felt good about my 35-year old body. My abs were nicely ripped, and my bicep

toy boy

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The Enchanted Boy Ch. 10

Thanks for all the comments. Please remember this is purely a fantasy story, I write about things that get me excited and I'm glad to see it excites my readers too.


Later that afternoon the sky had become overcast, Lucent was grateful for the change in the weather as his skin was starting to burn but that was the least of his problems. They had been traveling for several hours now, he was tired and very very saddle sore.


the enchanted boy

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The Enchanted Boy Ch. 05

This is a fantasy story set in a fictitious land and in a time of medieval sorcery. All characters depicted are 18+. Although this story is in a time where safe sex is not heard of I would always recommend the practise of safe sex. 

CHAPTER 5 -- A journey of discovery.

They had been riding for hours now taking a steady pace, the horses not bred for speed. Bain and Rafael followed behind Vernon, Vernon lost in deep thought, contemplating th

the enchanted boy

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The Enchanted Boy Ch. 14

Ellit leads everyone down the final sewer and they find themselves climbing out of a large pipe at the edge of the river.

"Excellent," Vernon says.

"Father look, there's a boat, it looks big enough for us all," Bain says.

"Not me, I'll stay behind, you don't want me slowing you down," Ellit says.

"What? No, come with us," Kian begs.

"No, it's best I stay, this is the only place I know," he replies.

Rafael g

the enchanted boy

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Levi Ch. 02: The Working Boy

All usual disclaimers apply.

This is the second installment of the Levi series. "Levi, The Abandoned" is the first part.

Levi had donned the clothes I had laid out for him and had returned to the sitting room. I was sipping coffee and reading over the front page of the paper. I put down the paper and looked right at Levi's pale face which really accentuated his dark eyes and black hair. Wow, this was one gorgeous kid. "Have a seat, I have a proposition for

levi the working boy

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The Enchanted Boy Ch. 11

On the other side of town Sheriff Carter and Will have found the only other room available. They are soaked through to the skin after spending a couple of hours going from inn to inn. Again the room only has one double bed, Carter looks at it and sighs.

"Well looks like we'll be bunking up together then," he says to Will.

"Yes sir," Will replies, not at all dissatisfied with the situation, he gets to share a bed with Sheriff Carter, something he's dreamed about doin

the enchanted boy

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