World War II Book 01

**Romantic Love Story takes time to develop, more steamy stuff coming soon in book two.**


Book One

Chapter 1

I can't remember the last time I heard the rain fall this hard, the cold wind dancing through the window and slowly brushing up against me as I laid on my bed looking up at the wooden mahogany ceiling. Every now and then the wind would bring along a drop of rain and it would la

world war book

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Spit Roasted in the Adult Book Store

I always admired the way a girls ass looked in tight yoga pants so one day while I was grocery shopping I saw a pair for sale and decided that I would like to try wearing them. I bought a nice tight pair of black yoga pants and rushed home to try them on. I pulled them on and the felt so tight and sexy. I rushed to check them out in the mirror and my ass was looking very good in them. It made me so horny seeing myself wearing them.

I was very horny and decided that I need a hard c

spit roasted the adult book store

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