Little Black Blog Ch. 00


When I first wake up, my head is pounding and I have no idea where I am. This definitely isn't my hotel room, I know that much. I turn my head to the left, and two things happen: first, my headache subsides, and second, my cock twitches in arousal at what I see. Fast asleep next to me is what I can only describe a He-Man: sandy-coloured hair in an Army-style buzz cut; a strong, handsome profile with long, delicate eyelashes, and full lips which are currently forming a sl

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Oilman Jim's Blog

Mr. LaFleur was much more magnanimous about my leaving than I thought he would be. If I'd known he would take it so well—and not only that but help me find another position, albeit temporary—I would have built up the courage to part with him months earlier.

It was the morning that he flogged me while riding me like a horse that I decided I could stay no longer. It was the twenty-first century and yet he ran his Louisiana plantation as if the Civil War and emancipation had never ha

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