Student Turns Bitch

When I was a freshman in college, I had an Ancient History class that I was struggling with. The professor was a tall, middle aged black man about 6'3" and maybe 250 lbs. He was in good shape except for a little extra around the waist, had greying hair and a baritone voice. His name was Dr. Turner but he insisted everyone call him JT. 

My first visit to JT's office came after a poor performance on a pop quiz. I received a C and was desperate for help. He gave me an evening appoint

student turns bitch

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The First Time is Always a Bitch

The first time is always a bitch. That's what everybody tells you, and for me, the old adage keeps proving to be the case. I am a married man—23 years—with four kids, ages fifteen to twenty-one, so I'm what they call "old enough to know better." That's why when I first received an invitation to a JO party I told myself I had lived a quiet respectable life in a small community and didn't need to risk it all for one evening of new and unsampled pleasures. 

The invitation came from a

the first time always bitch

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The Soccer Bitch


I had joined my local Sunday soccer league team not too long ago. It was a small county side based team with only 15 players. I joined knowing I had always been a good left winger. This I suspected was down to my small height and slim frame which gave me some pace and a good centre of gravity. I was also very energetic, at 20 years old; I could run and run and run.

It had been going well for me; the men on the team were all friendly - albeit brutish. Most

the soccer bitch

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From Straight Virgin to Gay Bitch

I was 18 when I lost my cherry. Not in the normal way, not in the boy meets girl kind of way. That didn't happen until I was 22, and was a total let down compared to my real first. His name was Scott, he was tall, dark and had a tight firm body. My first girl was chubby and drunk and I didn't quite catch her name. Still before I met Scott I was very straight and have never been with a guy since, maybe I never will but I really hope I do again, as I rate my first sexual relationship as the best s

from straight virgin gay bitch

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Chapter One

Tom, a tall, slender man in his sixties, entered the men's dressing room and headed for his locker. He joined the YMCA a little over six months ago, mainly for the swimming pool and sauna, and had just participated in his first low impact aerobics class; it had turned out to be more of a workout than he had imagined. He stripped out of his exercise clothes, pulled on his swim trunks and headed for the wet area, pic


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My Roommate's Bitch Ch. 02

I awoke the next morning angry. I couldn't believe what I had done the night before, or rather what John had done to me. The deal was a handjob, quick and simple, but he made me go all the way and suck his cock. Then he promised to tell me when he was ready to cum so I could move away but instead he shot his load right into my mouth without a hint of warning. I wanted to walk right into the next room and punch him.

The anger soon became shame. He had forced very little on me. I ha

roommate's bitch

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Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 09

Tyrone moved into my apartment the next day. With his move in, drastic changes occurred to my life. These changes turned my financial, social and sexual world upside down.

I go to work everyday and pay all of the bills on my apartment. Sholanda spends my paychecks to the last cent. I see all of the new things that she buys Tyrone. I barely have enough money to feed myself. This really bothers me because I have a great corporate engineering job. Before I met Sholanda I was saving a

owned ghetto bitch

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The Soccer Bitch Ch. 02


It had been about 4 months since the events at Jay’s house. I hadn't heard from Jay at all in those months, and started to forget about the whole events. I started to feel more at ease with myself, but didn't plan on playing for the team again.

Over the summer I’d managed to get myself a job waiting tables at a local diner, and was making a reasonable amount of money, saving away before I went away to university. Whilst working I’d met a guy from the team (i

the soccer bitch

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Ozark Bitch Pt. 02


It was a long night for Patti. He wasn't used to sleeping with someone and Zeke stayed snuggled against him all night with his arms wrapped possessively around his new slave. Zeke snored and he mumbled in his sleep. Patti couldn't make out what he was mumbling, but occasionally "Patti" came through. Zeke dry-humped him a couple of times that night and Patti's thigh felt sticky where Zeke's cum had dried on it. Now Patti could feel Zeke stirring to

ozark bitch

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