A Birthday Gift for Jim

"Johnny," Sue whispered in my ear, "you want to come and party with us at our house?"

Her hand was rubbing my thigh through my jeans, and occasionally brushed over my hard cock. She giggled when she felt my erection.

My face flushed from the alcohol and excitement. I answered her, "Ah, well...yeah, sure!"

The bartender had just announced 'last call' when Sue asked me. I'd met her and her husband Jim a couple hours earlier, and we hit it off immediate

birthday gift for jim

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Father's Birthday Ch. 05

Jack woke up at eight in the morning because he had to do some work. Heading down to the kitchen he started to make some eggs for himself. While the eggs were cooking he made some coffee to. 

Once both things were done he went to his office and pulled up some assignments that he needed to work on.


Jake woke up earlier than normal at around 10ish which is very unusual. Remembering that he has to go buy more jockstraps h

father's birthday

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Kurt's Real Birthday Gift

When I answered the phone on December 1st it was my friend Dave asking "Hey, Kurt, don't you have a birthday coming up soon?"

"I sure do Dave. I'll be 24 just a week before Christmas."

"Well Kurt, the reason I'm calling is that I've got a birthday treat in mind for you."

"Oh yeah? -- What are you thinking?"

"Well, my remodeling business is going real well right now," Dave said. "Some good clients who are paying me some good money. Howev

kurt's real birthday gift

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Father's Birthday Ch. 01

All characters are above the age of 18.


Jack Wilkenson was not an overly muscular man but just enough that others thought of him as a wet dream. With jet black hair, a face shaved smooth. he was a very handsome man. Standing at 5'10''. He has been married for 25 years now. Has 4 children. The oldest is Shandra, who looks just like her mother with dirty blond hair, full breasts, is 5'6'', and is 22 years old. Next is Alexis, with brown hair, small breast

father's birthday

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