Bill and I

During the sixties,my friend Bill and I were co-administrators of a community self-help program. This program was staffed by volunteers, most of which were beautiful women. 

Between the two of us, being both young and single, had most of these lovely ladies available for our pleasure. The one thing we never did, however, was cross swords, meaning, we did not sleep with each other's sex partners.

One day, Bill called me on the phone and explained that he had access t

bill and

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CraigList Bill

I was so nervous. What the hell was I doing? No, I have to do this. I'm going to finally go through with it. It's been months since she's let me touch her. This is her fault. She drove me to do desperate things. I had to look elsewhere for affection. 

As I drove in the night, I told myself that I wasn't going to flake out. Not again. I flaked on a couple guys before, but not this time. I needed affection. I needed sex, even if it is from another man. I couldn't believe I couldn't

craiglist bill

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