Big Jock and the Little Nerd Ch. 02

This story contains themes of race that may be offensive to you. If it does, please stop reading and find other awesome stories on 


As he tended to my wound, I couldn't help notice how warm his hands here. I tried to keep still, but with him so close to me like that I couldn't help but be a little uncomfortable. I wished he'd hurry, but the more he touched me, the more I wanted him to continue. His touch felt so nice, so delicate that it g

big jock and the little nerd

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Big Game Hunter

Sombat heard the garage door opener start to hum and he sat straight up in the chaise lounge by the pool. "He's home early. Where to today?"

He jumped up from the lounger and lit out toward the kitchen door, padding along on bare feet. Ham might go to the kitchen first. There was little reason he'd go into the study before going upstairs, though. Sombat scooted into the study as he heard the key turn in the lock of the door to the garage from the kitchen. He ducked under the desk.

big game hunter

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Miraculous Big

I don't know how I worked into this. Just lucky, I guess. Got my daddy's genes. Horny stuff has happened to me since way back in high school. I was, what, eighteen?

Heat had a lot to do with it. Ninety degrees any day of the week in the summer and not much less even in winter. In 1950 St. Uanitá was a dusty little town in the deep South built around a crossroads. We lived on a farm, and southern Louisiana humidity made it a suffocating place. Crops didn't grow, only weeds did. And

miraculous big

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Big Jock and the Little Nerd Ch. 03

Author's note: Thanks for the comments. This is my first time writing erotica fiction, but I am glad some of you like it. None of this is based on real events or real people.

This story also contains themes of race (among other things) that may be offensive to you. If it does, please stop reading and find other awesome stories on

Big Jock and the Little Nerd Ch. 03

The next day I got up real early to avoid Matt. I peeked in the

big jock and the little nerd

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Big Jock and the Little Nerd

This story is a slow boil...but I hope you enjoy it. This may contain story lines of race that may be offensive to some of you. Please stop reading if it does and find another story more suitable for you.

Part 1

My name is Nick, and at 6"2" I'm fairly tall for an Asian guy. It's probably why people sometimes think I'm Samoan or something like that, especially with my brown skin. I don't have much hair. I'm very smooth -- even my pits have very little hair.

big jock and the little nerd

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Max's Big Gay Carwash Ch. 02

After all that teasing and apparent foreplay I was half expecting to be disappointed. But I wasn't. Buddy had a nice thick 7" Cut cock dangling between his legs. I could see that he had no tan lines after he dropped his shorts so he must have been tanning nude to maintain that healthy brown sheen.

We stood motionless for half a second while we each contemplated the next move. I couldn't stand it any longer and pushed Buddy's naked body back against the wall of the car stall. His c

max's big gay carwash

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2 Cocksluts Share a Big Cock

I had spent the last few months of my life laying between the legs of Daniel the first man I met online, worshipping his cock, fulfilling his and my own ultimate desires. I prefer to refer to him as Daddy. Daddy was around 43, fairly tall, well built, with a nice 6 inch cock, complete with a set of beautiful shaved balls. He was perfect and I enjoyed every moment I spent worshipping his enormous, tasty cock. The time however had come though to broaden my horizons, spice things up a little to be 

cocksluts share big cock

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Rest Stop Big Rig BJ

I was online and horny as usual. Tonight I had posted a message on a gay cruising .org kindda site indicating that I wanted to suck a man's cock really bad as soon as possible. My profile indicates that I am a bottom and that I love to suck cock. My profile pictures there of me in action reinforce that fact along with a couple of testimonials from men who I have been very well pleased with my abilities to pleasure men sexually. 

My mouth had been literally watering for the taste o

rest stop big rig

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The Myth about Big Black Cock

***Warning*** This story contains content of a homosexual interracial nature about my first but not last time with a man. Particularly a black man, and while the rumors are mostly true, this is not one of those times. If homosexual and/or interracial content offends you, please feel free to back out now and search for other stories that suit your fancy. If this is something you might want to read, enjoy! 

This is my first story so please be gentle with the criticism.

the myth about big black cock

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