Best Friends

My name is Sam. I have a friend named Paul, and we have been friends since high school. Like any best friend we have had our differences but stayed close through it all. He was a country boy like myself and was stocky with nice muscles. He was a very good looking guy and I loved him like a brother and without him I don't know where I'd be. We are both the same age, 27 at the time. He knew everything about me except this one thing, at least I don't think he does. I'm bi and he is straight and is 

best friends

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His Best College Roommate Ever


Cody turned out to be the best college roommate I could ever hope for. He was a handsome 20 year old who was 5'6" and weighed a trim 150 pounds. Cody was fit from all his years as a figure skater and as a result he had one of the finest asses I had ever been around. He had light brown hair that he kept neat and trim and he had light brown eyes to match. His body was virtually hairless and his skin was flawless. Cody was well tanned all over except for his curvy ass wh

his best college roommate ever

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Black Cum is the Best

I was so excited to tell my wife about what happened as I walked into our apartment. We had been living together for a couple of years and during that time she had told me about her black experiences. It became a ritual that once a week she would describe how she fucked and sucked black cocks both in the town we lived in and when she lived in San Francisco.

Finally I would share my story with her. I was driving home from a business trip and pulled over in a truck stop for a pee. I

black cum the best

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The Best Man

- Boy, it's hot.

He's coming through the garden towards me where I'm sitting on a bench. He sits beside me, too close, and for a moment his thigh is pressed against mine. I can feel the heat of him, the hard muscles of his thigh, then he shifts away a little.

- Oops. Don't mind if I join you?

I've been watching him inside, and now he's beside me, in the darkness sitting too close. I wonder how much he's had to drink - he looks pretty steady. He's remo

the best man

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Best in Show

It was raining hard in Newport. Otherwise Sandy wouldn't have come to his club to do his running that morning. Sandy taught sailing at the nearby U.S. Naval War College, and at his age—he was pushing forty-eight hard—he had to work extra hours to keep in shape. So far, running ten miles a day had helped keep him hard, but Rhode Island wasn't the best place to assume dry days. So, he'd joined a club that had its own indoor track, and that's why he was here this day. It was raining hard outside an

best show

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Three Best Friends

This story is true. I am 19 years old as I write this. It all happened around a year ago. I have tan skin, brown hair and green eyes and am pretty well built. My name is Jay. My height is 5"11. My neighbor. He is white, paler, really well built, brown eyes, handsome, a true Jock and he was 6"4. His name is Jimmy. Our best friend Matt was white, skinny and had blue eyes. He was a little nerdy but kinda good looking. He was around 5"4. A little guy.

It all started one summer when we

three best friends

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Best Buddies

It started out casually. I think. It seemed that way for a while, at least; just something we did for fun, something that didn't mean anything, a goof, a lark. A secret for sure but that was nothing different for us, we'd always been close, always told each other things we wouldn't tell anybody else. 

We were best friends. Still are. Have been since junior high. Back then I was pretty much a geek and he was popular but he thought I was funny and I thought he was cool and we wound

best buddies

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My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Nicole and I used to wait tables together when we were in college and we did a good job of remaining friends thereafter. We'd go out once a month or so with her crazy girlfriends to a karaoke night downtown. She was a party girl in college and she showed no signs of slowing down in her thirties.

It was at karaoke night that she introduced me to Dustin, her latest boyfriend.

"Hey, Nicole told me a lot about you," he said, shaking my hand. He had a nice smile, a shave

best friend's boyfriend

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My Best Friend's Son Ch. 01-04

Chapter 1

My best friend Lexie and I have been friends since she was in high school and I was in middle school. She was friends with my sister and after the accident, she still came around for me. Lexie ended up pregnant in her last year of high school. The dumb jock that knocked her up disappeared to college, leaving her to raise her son alone.

I started a business at 16 that made millions by the time I was 18. I bought more businesses and made a multi-billion doll

best friend's son 01-04

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