New Beginnings Ch. 04

I had not heard from nor seen Steve since our original week end with Ben.

His wife Sara and I had hooked up and he had led me to think it was fine with him, but I was wondering if he was having second thoughts.

So it was with mixed emotions when I saw his name and number on my caller ID.

Answering I said: "Hi Steve what's up with you, everything OK?" I was trying to keep it light in case he was unhappy with Sara's' and my liaison.


new beginnings

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My Beginnings

I was 19 years old, and a good friend of mine and I were very close. I liked him a lot. Part of me thought about him all the time and I was sure that I liked him in a much different way. I liked girls and had "dated" a few, kissed but hadn't had sex with them, but Frank was different. He and I laughed together, hung out together, fished together, and spent a lot of time together. He treated me differently too. He watched out for me. I was skinny back then and he was tough and strong, so if there


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