Taken Before My Fiancée's Eyes

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My parents grew up in the Sixties, and though I was born in 1972, I felt as if I grew up in the Sixties, too. Every time I did something bad, Mama told me I was "screwing up my karma." I knew "peace & love" long before I knew "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America..."

I was an only child, but I had a sibling. On a tour of Africa, my parents adopted Carvel from an orphanage in Ivory Coast (or

taken before fiancée's eyes

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Never Did This Before

Jim Ellis stood in the doorway of his bedroom and looked around the room. There were still a couple of unpacked boxes in the corner, the only evidence that he had only moved into this senior apartment complex about a month ago, but Jim wasn't looking at that little mess.

Instead his eyes were fixed on the naked person sprawled on the bed, a bed that was neat and immaculate several hours ago but was now filled with sweat and other body fluids. That was a rare enough experience for

never did this before

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