Back To Your Nap Buddy

This is an update on "We Met In Kindergarten." WMIK ended as Jeffrey was about to marry someone else. Inspired by Troye Sivan's beautiful but haunting video, I thought the nap buddies should wind up together. They had loved each other for too long to wind up with others.


Part One

My mom walked me to my first day of kindergarten at Powell Gardens Elementary and introduced me to Mrs. Joyce, the teacher. Hair piled high on her head in a tigh

back your nap buddy

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First Time and I'll Be Back

For my first time, I wanted a firm fucking, not hugging or kissing or getting to know each other, just sex. It finally happened a couple of weeks ago after I'd just turned 22 . I'd been searching online for ages, but first-timer is usually taken to mean no-show. The only offers I got were for gentle kissing/touching or pretty extreme domination/forcing fantasies. Neither appealed right then, so I lied. I wasn't a virgin, I'd had a couple of fucks (in honesty, I'd sucked one cock in a toilets at 

first time and i'll back

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Back to Life Ch. 01

Nights were becoming days, at that point in my life. Sleep until three, not even know because I threw the alarm clock away weeks before and curtains blocked out any possible light source. My childhood room felt like repression and angst compared to my dorm; instead of half-naked guys walking in front of my door with wish-fufillingly thin towels stretched over their thighs, or, late at night, just cupping their dicks with a rag and sprinting to their rooms because they forgot a towel entirely, I 

back life

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No Turning Back

"Shit!" Peter said the cabin heater finally gave up its unequal struggle to keep up with the cold; announcing its capitulation with a plaintive whine, then hiss as the steam pressure bled away uselessly.

"Hmm?" Eric mumbled in his sleep. "What are you going on about?"

Peter rolled over to his side, barely able to make out his friend outline in the dim moonlight streaming in through the small cabin window.

"The heater man, it's dead. Piece of shit!" h

turning back

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Don't Look Back Ch. 09

Lee's simple statement of intent derailed Marshall's entire thought process. In the back of his mind, he remembered the bet. But the prospect of being fucked was a temptation calculated to distract. 

Washing dishes wasn't so bad, was it? Surely worth the price of paradise.

Damn, Lee knew him only too well.

Marshall felt his resolve crumbling. "After I suck you off?" he suggested, although he damn well knew the answer to that particular brand of idiocy

don't look back

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