Gym Friends Get a Weekend Away Pt. 01

So after several months things were going great! The wife had no idea and Chuck and I we very happy. We were meeting a couple times a week instead of working out, occasionally for a longer lunch session or when the wife would take the kids. The sex was amazing and we were both very happy. Chuck had headed overseas for a few weeks to see is wife and I missed him so. But when he got back we were right back at it like he never left.

So one day after lunch, laying in his bed with cum

gym friends get weekend away

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Carried Away

Part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong


Pulling out of the car park after meeting Cameron, I couldn't help but marvel at how much nerve he must have. Imagine going back to a stranger's flat and rimming him while his mates looked on! The idea of doing something like that myself was more than a little titillating and could form the basis of many a fantasy, but I doubted I would ever have the confidence to actually do it.

carried away

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Away Team

I run my own demo and remodeling business. I like working for myself; I live in an area that sees lots of remodels so I'm kept busy. My wife and I have been together ten years; two kids under five keep us hopping. I work long hours, but take breaks to come home for dinner or bedtime. When a clerical error cost me a few months without insurance for the worksite I had to scramble to find a contractor I could work under.

My wife's brother-in-law's cousin has a similar business; he of

away team

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Home and Away Again

Author's note: The following depicts a while male master sexually dominating a black male slave in the period just before the Civil War. I have every intent of writing a black male dom/white male sub story that takes just after the war. If the racial politics of this fiction upsets you, please skip it.

When in the summer of 1859 I returned to my family's home and plantation in North Carolina, I was escaping the very heart of Yankee-dom for the beauty of the

home and away again

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When The Girlfriend's Away ...

It was a rainy Saturday evening and Frank was bored. There was nothing to do around the house, his girlfriend had gone to Spain with her girlfriends for a week and none of his buddies could be roused to go out. There was also nothing on TV and he was too lazy to go out and rent a video. He was just debating if he should get dressed and go out alone or if he should just go to bed with a book when the doorbell rang. 

When Frank opened the door he saw his friend Mike on the porch, ho

when the girlfriend's away

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