Snaring an Arab Cop

This is a true story, as told to me by a friend.

I'm a New York cab driver. Yeah, yeah, I know. But it's a living. Yeah, I've been held up. Twice. But life goes on, right?

Boring. Or at least until that fare opened the door and climbed into my cab.

Brown skin, black hair. Hispanic, right? In New York, probably Puerto Rican. But his eyes. God! Blue, astonishing blue. Made me think of a raging river. Deep blue. Dark. Dangerous blue. His mama must have

snaring arab cop

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An Arab Man and a Gay Sharmota

It started out as an English project while I worked on my Masters at Oxford. I came there from Los Angeles on a Fulbright scholarship to study self-identified sexual orientation among internet users. As a bisexual, I always questioned the idea that people could be born liking one gender other the other and stay that way forever. By analyzing stories and personal ads on the internet, I hoped to prove my thesis.

I saw a pattern over and over in the internet advertisements for gay se

arab man and gay sharmota

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