Aquata Cove Ch. 61

Aquata Cove Chapter 61: Pending Precipice

"If we go through the Tower Trenches quick enough," Samudra said as he, Vanora, Ebba, and the Adras plot their next route, "We could make it to the Caspian Seas in time for the dancing jellies..."

"No, we cannot go to the Towers." Vanora said.

"Why not?"

"We tried that once, remember?" Vanora said, "When we reached the end of the Towers, we came to a Sazae Graveyard."

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Aquata Cove Ch. 59

Chapter 59: Familiar Parting

Adam slowly lowers his arm down after Merrick dives into the sea. He watches as he can see the instant transition from below the heavily distorted view of his lover under the surface. The merman's image swims forward and deep, disappearing into the dark waters below.

"... Please be safe..." Adam muttered as he let his arm down. He turned around, and went away. He goes back into the house, and picks up the charger for his laptop, b

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Aquata Cove Ch. 12

Chapter 12: Call Of The Siren

Adam woke up with a start. He looked around realizing that the images in his head was just a dream, he looked between his legs, and reached to his Morning Wood, along with the blotch on his blanket. That was SOME dream.

He grinned as he then kicked off his blanket, and jumped off his bed. He pulled of and tossed his moist boxershorts off him, and pulled on his trunks, which feel stiff from the daily dips he's been

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Aquata Cove Ch. 46

Chapter 46: On The Cruise

"Enngghhh..." Merrick feels the urge to gag as he sat there, leering at the pool on the deck. Everyone's excited, everyone's splashing and having a good time, but the smell is so overwhelming. The merman's eyes watered as he wiped them off, as they are stinging a little from all of the fumes.

He squirms in the seat, as he looks at Adam. Seeing his fuzzy muscles soaked in water just peaks the fact that he is drenched in that

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Aquata Cove Ch. 30

Chapter 30: Saint Valentine

"Mmmlllmmm... Ullmmmm..." Adam murred as his eyebrows rose and furrowed over his closed eyes. He is slowly waking him, and realizing something is rolling and moving around in his mouth. He opened his eyes to see that Merrick is straddled on top of him, his hands on his shoulders, and kissing him very passionately in his sleep.

"Haaalllmmmmrrrrmmmmm... Hmm??" Adam suddenly realized the situation, the fact that Merrick is g

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Aquata Cove Ch. 55

Chapter 55: Together Again

Adam and Merrick stand at the railing, staring up into the night sky. Merrick nuzzled up to Adam lovingly as their hands interlaced with each other, and Adam's other arm wrapped around Merrick.

"I love you so much." Adam said as he kissed Merrick's head, "I'm so sorry for everything..."

"Adam..." Merrick said, "...I'm sorry too..."

"For what, babe?" He asked, "I was the one who fucked up. I

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Aquata Cove Ch. 05

Chapter 5: Smells Like Fish

Adam sighed as he looked up at the black ceiling, resting his head on his hands. For the 7th night in the row, he hasn't been able to sleep. He didn't need to check his cellphone to know it must be after 5am by now.

The first week is always the hardest to deal with. He keeps thinking about Merrick, how long it's going to be before he can see him again, trying to plan what to do next time. Just like a

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Aquata Cove Ch. 50

 Now, JUST to clarify, there is no underage sexual activity. Merrick is of legal age when they have sex.


Chapter 50: Heavy Night

"Wooooooooo!" Adam howled as a chubby guy danced around naked around the fire. Everyone whistled and cheered as a very playful dancer pranced around the circle of men under the night sky. Merrick reaches out, and gives the man's ass a quick slap!

Tonight is the third and last night on the island,

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Aquata Cove Ch. 01

Chapter 1: Rendezvous 

In a moderate, forest area at noon in Honolulu, Hawaii, a young man of 22 trudges through the thick, lush forest. He regrets choosing flip-flops over his sneakers; having had the twigs and dried out leaves poking at his toes and feet for the past forty minutes. He grunted as he made his way around the knotted roots along the ground.

Adam is wearing only his flip-flops, green camo-cargo shorts, and a backpack. A light layer of hair cove

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Aquata Cove Ch. 49

Chapter 49: Flight of Fancy

"Mnnnhh..." Merrick moaned in his sleep as he turned over in the tent. Adam watches as he sits up, looking a little worried about his blonde beauty. He reaches over, and gently stroked his golden hair, along his ear, and on his soft cheek. He sighed as he got up, and left the tent. He stretches a bit and straightens his back, feeling the hot sunshine hit his face.

He walks across the campsite - a black pit in the middle o

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