Another Prison Story

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My friend Craig and I were supposed to be watching each other's back but that only lasted as long as it took for him to make friends with a big dude on the bus ride to prison.

The first few hours after being in-processed into jail went fine. My three cellmates were other guys in on bullshit

another prison story

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My First Time with Another Male

I was 21 years old, my sex life to that time had been miserable, I hadn't begun puberty until I was almost 16, by then of course, it was all I could think of, but getting any, was a different story. 

It was the 1960's and the world hadn't yet reached the free love stage. The pill wasn't something everyone could get hold of and condoms took a lot of courage to purchase, with the result, girls weren't all that keen to take any risks. Well that's how it was in my part of the world an

first time with another male

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Another Beach, Another Stranger

I was staying in a condo, sharing it with a co-worker during the summer of 1996. He had gone golfing and I wanted to work on my tan. I had brought various bathing suits with me, including several thongs. Thongs, especially on males, were not worn on the main beach, so I put on a gray thong and pulled on a pair of shorts over them. Taking my beach towel and another, I grabbed my fanny-pack (With suntan oil and other necessities) and walked down the path from the condos to the beach. Once there, I

another another stranger

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Yet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 05

Part 5: Morning Activities

Long before my hungover mind wanted to, I heard an alarm go off in our room. The door sprang open and our six mentors came in with our morning instructions. We were all prohibited from taking a leak until each of us had given a semen sample. What the sample was for was not explained. We were given little cups to cum into and instructed to form a circle facing outward and jerk off into the cups while the upperclassmen watched.

Clearly, this

yet another frat initiation story

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Yet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 06

Part 6: Afternoon Show & Second Night

We didn't have long to speculate. We were called down to the basement and told that we were going to have a chance to reveal some of our selves to the other pledges and the frat members. Each of us would get a fill-in-the-blanks script to flesh out and then present to the group from a make-shift stage that had been set up. The scripts would be different, but equally demanding and equal in eliciting revealing features of the pledges.

yet another frat initiation story

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Yet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 08

Part 8: Afternoon Awards

The Fraternity Service activities kept us busy the entire morning; there was no breakfast unless you count the multiple loads of cum that every pledge had been served. At lunch, no one talked about what they had done or how many tokens they had gotten. The award ceremony was to be right after we ate. We went down to the TV room where Mark had things set up for a real show which, of course, he was to emcee. The entire fraternity was there a

yet another frat initiation story

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From One Thing to Another

My girl and I had a rather vanilla sex life which was okay for a while. But one night we decided to do a little role playing. Normally I was the dominate partner, She rarely ever initiated sex, that was something I would usually do. But that night was special. Cindy was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. She is short, only a couple of inches over five feet tall with long, curly red hair and pale, freckled skin. That particular evening she came to bed wearing a little teddy that could not

from one thing another

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Yet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 07

Part 7: Fraternity Service

The morning's activities were once again labeled cryptically, this time as "Fraternity Service". When we got down to the breakfast table, we found that there was no food there. Instead, there was a note that said that pledges were required to service fraternity members before they would have anything to eat. We were to draw a name from a jar on the dining table, knock on that frat member's door, and ask if there was anything we could do

yet another frat initiation story

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Another One Bites The Bullet

Guess my story starts like a lot of others, middle age guy going through a divorce. Being short on cash, and long on bills, one day I decided to try checking out ads on CL. I was drawn to men seeking men under the pretense that men don't need all the attention, the wining and dining and days of foreplay that are often necessary with a woman.

Almost immediately a response came back from one of the ads. I had asked what would be special if he came over, and he came right back with h

another one bites the bullet

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