My eyes shot fully open as I felt the head of his cock pop into my ass. I heard a loud moan as I felt him slip slowly, inch by agonizing inch, into me. It took me a moment to realize that it was me moaning as my eyes focused on the water in the clean, white bowl in front of my face.

I had snapped into full consciousness suddenly, but it still took a few moments for my brain to slip completely into gear and ask the most important questions: where the hell am I? Who is attached to t


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Anonymous Hotel Facefuck

It was 2 o'clock Sunday morning. I leaned against the Silver Bullet (the old Chevy Cavalier that I inherited from my grandmother) puking up cheeseburger, Rolling Rock, and the cum of the anonymous financial advisor from Phoenix I'd just blown at the Cherry Creek Marriott.

All I had wanted when I came home sweaty and horny from the gym, was a quick hookup to suck some cock, and maybe get laid - I'm 60/40 straight/gay bi, but when I go with doods, I'm a total bottom. Instead I ended

anonymous hotel facefuck

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