God's Angel

Hi all, this story is a little preachy but it works for me. Hope you like it and as always, comment and rate. Also, the Dorothy Parker poem is called Resume and the words that God speaks are not actually the oldest line from the oldest book. You'll understand later on. Thanks!!

There were many statues in the park. Statues of governors and mayors from long ago, famous generals and soldiers, firefighters and even a couple of fanciful ones such as Alice and the Mad Hatter. But none w

god's angel

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My Dark Angel Ch. 05

"I'm going to kill that bastard! Who does he think he is? My father? I don't fucking need a babysitter! Where's Alex?"

The guy hired to babysit me by the "king of assholes" himself, looked at me like I was crazy. Hell yes, I was! Crazily mad! I felt insulted! I was not two years old anymore! Even when I was eight, I knew how to take care of myself... But that asshole didn't feel safe leaving without making sure I had a babysitter.

If it was anyone else than him I w

dark angel

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My Dark Angel Ch. 03


I've never been happy, my life was just like me: shitty. I am one of those smart people who against the odd end up being losers with shitty job. Or in my case: dangerous job. Everybody thought I was going to be a successful businessman, a lawyer or a doctor. I could have been. But fate decided against it, so now here I was: a professional killer, whose job was to kill Ethan Cullen, a hot redheaded guy who I just ordered to be my boyfriend.

How did I end up maki

dark angel

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My Dark Angel Ch. 04


My life hasn't been easy. I've always been afraid. Of everything. Afraid to take a risk. Afraid of relationships and of failure. And God did I fail. I admit it. I didn't fail to save those people. Yet. I remembered my dad told me "real men don't cry". Maybe I'm not a real man after all.

Have you ever felt so empty, so broken that no matter if you want to or not you, you always end up crying? That's what happened in the office. I've always faked happiness, hid

dark angel

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