A Anal Slut

A Anal Slut—Almost a Virgin.

It was a warm fall afternoon as I strolled down Main Street. I noticed my reflection occasionally in the store windows. I was a handsome young man at six feet tall, 30 inch waist and a fat six inch cock. I was horny as usual. I noticed the adult book store and decided to take a look.

No one noticed me as I entered the book store, so I browsed the shelves displaying various adult magazines and movies. In no time my cock ached and throbbed

anal slut

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Blowing Max, Then My First Anal

This is my fifth story and second in my series on Max, a man I met on line (See my previous Max story for the background). This is a story of extreme gay submission. Not everyone's thing but if it's yours, I think you'll enjoy. On my first night with Max, I had passed my blowjob "audition" with flying colors. "Be here next Saturday night at eight", he commanded at the end of our first encounter. At the age of twenty two, I was in a full blown slut phase of my bisexual life. I wanted a steady, ag

blowing then first anal

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Fill in Girlfriend: Anal Queen

I laid there in my bed not believing what I had done. I had let Coach Anderson, a thirty year old man use my eighteen year old mouth as his own personal fuck toy. Why did I suck him off in the shower? And why in the world did I get so hard with a grown man's dick in my mouth? Was I gay? I know that I like girls, so what's the deal. I had so many questions running through my mind that night I hadn't been able to sleep, I had to be back in school in an hour and I hadn't sleep all night. I wanted t

fill anal queen

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Losing My Anal Cherry

Mike and I had a very special relationship. In our senior year in highschool he and his then-girlfriend had invited me to a threesome which had developed into a more or less regular fucking session. 

After that relationship had been over Mike and I, ever horny, but without any female partners to blow off some steam, had taken to whacking off together to the sweet memories of our threesome sex and porn.

We had then progressed to mutual handjobs and finally to blowing

losing anal cherry

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