The First Time is Always a Bitch

The first time is always a bitch. That's what everybody tells you, and for me, the old adage keeps proving to be the case. I am a married man—23 years—with four kids, ages fifteen to twenty-one, so I'm what they call "old enough to know better." That's why when I first received an invitation to a JO party I told myself I had lived a quiet respectable life in a small community and didn't need to risk it all for one evening of new and unsampled pleasures. 

The invitation came from a

the first time always bitch

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What I'd Always Wanted

It's not like I had that much sex before my divorce. My wife was never really into it and, frankly, with her cold-fish approach, it didn't do that much for me either. So for most of my life, my sex life has consisted of beating off once a week or so. I've just never been one of those guys who's much good at getting what he wants, never really have been much good at speaking up for myself. I guess that's why I've had the same crappy job for 20 years. Good old Ted. Everybody loves me 'cause I do a

what i'd always wanted

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Always Conditions

Chapter One

"You said you wanted to know when the bitch dropped them. And if you want to see them before I put them down, you'd better get over here fast."

Clyde had jolted Ken out of a deep sleep. It had been a rough day. Classes at the college, followed by football practice. Then he had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home and pick up Laurie's prescriptions and tend to her needs and get a meal ready for her. And then straight over to Clyde's to help with

always conditions

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There's Always a Remedy

Rick tried everything to forget about the past two weeks, which would most likely become the most devastating part of his life. But everything he did led him to unwanted nostalgia. The thirty-six-year-old man sat in the living room, the cold unadulterated silence influencing his desolation with its slow progression. Saturday night became an antagonistic reminder of what he used to have. He would have spent time with his two sons by taking them to tonight's hockey game. But seeing as how his ex-w

there's always remedy

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There's Always Hope

First time I've ever written an explicit sex scene. Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoy it!


I stood quietly beside my friend Daniel as he flirted with his girlfriend, seeming as if he was on top of the world beside her.

I try to ignore the ache in my chest as he laughs at a joke she made and kisses her cheek, affection clear in his eyes as he looked at her. He loves her, I can tell. I would know.

there's always hope

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