Alone Time: Without My Love

"Look, I have to get going. It is already midnight here and I have a full day tomorrow." Lenny's voice chimed from his headphones, alerting Terran that his boyfriend would be signing off for the night. He lived in a timezone that was eight hours ahead and so their time on the computer together was very limited. It was only five in the afternoon where he was. Terran frowned and exited out of the game they had been playing together and instead looked to the webcam version of Lenny. "I'll talk to y

alone without love

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Alone with Nick

Nick and I had hooked up a few times in the company of our wives who were also frequent lovers. The four of us were very sexually open-minded. Nick and I had never met on our own for sex, however, because we were usually together as two couples.

One night after having concluded some business in the city, my wife called me. She had been chatting with Nick on-line. Naturally, knowing the two of them, the chat took on a sexual tone. Apparently Nick's wife was away with one of her oth

alone with nick

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