Taste So Good... Again

It had been three months since the last semen reward I received from that beautiful 27 year old cock. My wife had seen the lust in my eyes for the cock and knew this would become a staple to my diet. That's how I ended up here...on my knees with a cock in each hand.

My beautiful fitness instructor wife and I had attended a lifestyle party at a beautiful home in northern Massachusetts, all the while my wife had the intention of seeing her husband swallow multiple loads. I was game.

taste again

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It Happened Again Ch. 04

The alarm went off at the usual time. Ugh, Monday morning and a work day. I slept well. The activities of the weekend came back into my head with a vengeance. I'm now a man that enjoys sucking cock. First Bob's and then Randy's. Thinking back, I couldn't believe how easy it was to become submissive, taking they're instructions without hesitation. I could have stopped both encounters but deep inside I wanted that experience and now I have no regrets on what I did. 

I got into the s

happened again

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It Happened Again Ch. 03

I drove away watching Randy. Two hours to kill before coming back and facing him to see what he wants. So he's got me on camera sucking Bob's cock. Lucky for me they don't kick you out of the military for being homosexual anymore. Even though my career is safe, I don't know if the guys I work with would accept it especially being a supervisor. Well I guess I'm fucked.

Twenty six hours ago I got caught looking at a hard cock outlined in Bob's shorts. Why the fuck didn't I just say

happened again

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Roger and Me Play Again

Walking through O'Hare airport in Chicago, I stopped short when I recognized my old friend Roger, whom I had not seen since our college days back in Oklahoma. Roger recognized me as well, as he smiled broadly and stuck out his hand. It had been almost 35 years since we had last seen each other and now we happened to meet by chance in an airport, both of us laying over for the night on business.

Roger and I had been close friends growing up back in Oklahoma, and had attended one ye

roger and play again

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It Happened Again

I left Bob's house hurriedly dazed and confused. I had just given my first handjob and my arousal was so intense that I shot my load without touching my cock. Am I gay? I replayed the evening in my head while driving around not wanting to go home as I knew the phone would be ringing. Leaving Bob's house without talking to him after I stroked his cock dry probably wasn't the best play, but I was embarrassed and couldn't face him. Now after thinking about it, I started getting aroused again. No, t

happened again

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Home and Away Again

Author's note: The following depicts a while male master sexually dominating a black male slave in the period just before the Civil War. I have every intent of writing a black male dom/white male sub story that takes just after the war. If the racial politics of this fiction upsets you, please skip it.

When in the summer of 1859 I returned to my family's home and plantation in North Carolina, I was escaping the very heart of Yankee-dom for the beauty of the

home and away again

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She Won't See You Again

As soon as he opened the door, he knew he was in trouble. Blond-haired Joseph stood just a few feet in front of a man that he clearly recognized as his lover's husband. Thirty-three-year-old Damian was a towering African-American man with long dreadlocks and well-built arms. Upon close inspection, he seemed like the kind of guy that numerous women would be swooning over. But judging by his blank stare, which caused Joseph to freeze himself in newfound dread, he wasn't in the mood for a friendly 

she won't see you again

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Discovery Again

Sometime ago I came across my son Rob and his friend Chris having man-to-man sex together. I confronted Rob and he came onto me. I ended up fucking my son's tight ass. Now Rob had told me he wanted to have a threesome with Chris and myself. Thankfully both boys were nineteen years old. They both knew exactly what they wanted. We ended up waiting until my wife was away for the day and Chris showed up one Saturday morning.

I was nervous for sure. I had no idea how this would all pla

discovery again

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