Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 03

Continued from Part Two:

----I was in Joe's house on all fours on the couch; I was sucking Joe's cock and Tony was fucking me in the ass from behind with his huge cock.------

Joe held my head and directed the pumping and bobbing of his stiff member in my mouth and throat.

The head pushed past my tongue into the back of my throat now with ease. My nose tickled when it touched his short pubic hairs.

Soon my nose was flat against

adventures wiley coyote

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Adventures with Kevin Ch. 03

After my shower I dressed and went back downstairs. Kevin was sitting in the living room completely dressed, and my mom and step dad were already home. It was a fairly quiet and uneventful evening. Finally, around 11 o'clock, my mom and step dad said they were going to bed and they headed upstairs. Kevin told me that it was time for us to turn in as well. I felt a pit in my stomach because I knew Kevin would want me to do something sexual for him once we got upsatiars.

We went up

adventures with kevin

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Adventures Of A Mormon Missionary Ch. 01

Part 1: I can tell it now [names have been changed]

I was always timid. Don't know why. Just never the rough-and-tumble sort. And I was a homosexual before I even knew what the word meant.

I liked cocks even before I knew they could do more than piss, clear back when the only word I knew was "peepees." The Mormon church, of course, taught me that I was on a down-escalator to hell as if the sin of "man with man" was an offense to god worse than murder. Being

adventures mormon missionary

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Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 20

NOTE: I hope you enjoyed Wiley's adventures. Next story is the Treasure of Juan Carlos Garcia.


It was a boring rainy day on the farm. The girls all were on the period and I was horny as hell. Bobbie and Madeline were absorbed in being mommies and Debbie was out a lot with new friends.

I was so horny that my ass hole was itchy. It had been many months since I enjoyed the pleasure of anal orgasm. Then I remembered Queenie talking about a gay ba

adventures wiley coyote

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Floin's Adventures of the Flesh Ch. 01

I know it is forbidden of me as a sanctified scribe of the church, but through my secret allegiances to the gods and spirits of the old order, I compose this chronicle of how the remarkable Floin came to be naked and bent over, to be skewered by the lingum of another man for the first time in the presence of many of the high Druid priests and priestesses of Britain in the annual Samhain harvest festival of the Celtic New Year. This was only a great transitional moment in a life blessed to revel 

floin's adventures the flesh

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Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 02

Continued from part one--(I was fucked in the video booth)

He slowly withdrew his still hard cock with a pluck from my ass sheath. I could feel his cum oozing from my sore hole and hear it splattering thickly on the floor and running down my inner legs.

He turned me around and while leaning back against the side wall he sucked on my hard cock eagerly sucking whatever cumm was left while two of his fingers replaced his cock.

I was getting a fi

adventures wiley coyote

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Adventures After 35: Episode 07

In my last episode I had just sucked off Steve the boyfriend of one of Holly's best friends. The next morning when I woke up, Holly was still sleeping. I lay there looking at her thinking to myself how lucky I was to have such a wonderful girl, who would let me explore my sexuality and wanted to join in as well. I pulled back the sheet exposing her naked body as I let my hand slide up her thigh going slow feeling the softness of her skin. My hand glided across her hip to her waist and up to her 

adventures after episode

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Adventures of a Cottager Ch. 02

Chapter 2: Cumming in Cannes

For those of you who have not read chapter 1. my formative years, of which I can say nothing on here, left me with a penchant for old men, exhibitionism, taking orders, and anonymous outdoor sex. Now I am getting towards being an old man myself I thought perhaps its time to relive the memories and share them with others.

On the advice of the local tourist information office I booked into a small hotel next to Cannes station. Its m

adventures cottager

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Adventures After 35: Episode 04

In my last episode Alex had surprised me with Jasmine and Misty at dinner. And Jasmine and I had a great night. I woke to the sound of the shower running the next morning, On the dresser was the clothes freshly washed and pressed that I had wore over to Alex's the previous day. I stepped into the bathroom and watched Jasmine wash herself off. She stuck her head out of the shower door and told me good morning. She said for me to go lay back down, that she would only be a few more minutes. I was h

adventures after episode

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Floin's Adventures of the Flesh Ch. 02

It was unusually warm late that summer. Floin had his haughty and vaguely disrespectful introductions all planned ahead. He thought the Druids a formal and stiff lot. He traveled by mule to the west country where the academy was located, not far from Salisbury plain, Stonehenge, and others of the mystical stone circles.

He stood before the registering priestess at her desk with his satchel of belongings attired in his riding sandals and nothing else. He smirked as he introduced hi

floin's adventures the flesh

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