The Accidental Voyeur Ch. 02

Fred was enjoying his regular peeping activities when he was caught by his neighbor, Liz. What follows is the beginning of their revenge. Chapter one explains how Fred became a peeping tom.

Before he could fully comprehend what was happening Fred was being pulled through their patio door. "Hi, Fred. I see Liz finally caught you!"

"Ah.h.. Hi Rick." Fred was confused by Rick's casual greeting. He was standing there with a boner as if it were the most natural thing in

the accidental voyeur

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An Accidental Public Performance

This occurred a year, maybe two, before I met Paul, who will be introduced in coming stories. I was 18 or 19 at the time, so, it all happened quite some time ago.

I was in college taking Business Administration, for what would ultimately turn out to be my last semester. I was a dishwasher at a local mall restaurant to pay the bills at the time.

There was one day a week that my classes at the college ended a few hours before my shift started at the restaurant. On th

accidental public performance

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Accidental Cocksucker

THANKS: To Robert, goamz86 and MAB7991 for editing. 


Sometime after ten o'clock, following a late administrator's meeting about next year's school year, I pulled into a truck stop that I drove past every day but had never stopped at and went directly to the restroom...barely able to keep from pissing myself...still half an hour from home.

I walked into the restroom and went directly to a stall, pulled out my cock and began pis

accidental cocksucker

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