Abs and I

When I left school at the age of 18 I was very skinny ; 5 foot nine inches and weighed about 8 stone (not quite the 98 lb weakling of the advertisements but not far off!) When I went to university I decided to go to a gym to put on some weight. There weren't too many around in the late 1960s, but I found a funny old place in Upper Queen Street. We'll call it 'The Warrior Gym' (the real name was similar to that.) 

There was a small gym in the basement ; fairly basic but with all I

abs and

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ABS Suck-n-Fuck

A while back, I took the afternoon off from work (without telling my wife), and took a trip a few towns over to visit my favorite adult bookstore, not that I had a lot choose from, there are only two that I know of in driving distance...but anyway. I drove down, had a quick lunch, and then shot over to the ABS. I walked in just after opening, and of course the place was deserted. 

This particular store is a borderline seedy joint. Most newer, "modern" stores I've been in have the

abs suck-n-fuck

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