House boi Training 101

Houseboi in Training - 101

I was lucky to get my latest IT gig. Contrary to what the Advisors told me in college, any technical skill (no matter how good you are or how many years of experience) are easily Offshored these days... leaving you, as it did me, with a load of debt and a skillset that can barely cover those minimum payments. Ah heck, at least I didn't become an Art History Major!

In any case, I was able to hook on with a good financial firm at a decent en

house boi training 101

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Health 101 -- Male Oral Ch. 02

Health 101 -- Male Oral, Part II

The next class period came around and attendance was 100%, as expected. Students do NOT cut my class.

"Good morning, Class," I began.

"Good Morning, Professor Crumpet," they dutifully replied.

"Does everyone have a review of the last homework assignment?" I asked.

Murmured assent and the rustling of papers. "You may pass them forward," I instructed. I quickly matched names with the attenda

health 101 male oral

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