Joy of Jonathan Pt. 01-02

Part One

Ahhh...don't you just love the smell of sex and cum? Naked bodies writhing in a shine of perspiration and that gooey wet feel of cum dripping of your skin.


I'm naked at my place with my fist gliding up and down my six inch long cut shaft, with my first cum load beginning to dry on my chest as I work on my second. On screen have been an ongoing stream of blonde bitches sucking down a multitudes of dudes with stiff thick cocks and flood g

joy jonathan 01-02

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Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 01-02


Ferrante Architectual Solutions--Monday

Greg Ferrante was working feverishly on plans for the condominiums/hotel/special-themed amusement park complex he was designing in Las Vegas. He was working on it for weeks, revising where needed and will send the owner and developers the computerized draught by the end of the week. This project would ensure his prominence in the architectural community. It was close to noon, the spring sunlight flowed through the

stop the world get better view 01-02

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